Get to Know More About Indonesia Specialty Coffee Company

The coffee industry is one of the industries in Indonesia that has excellent potential to grow even more significantly. The coffee industry in Indonesia has been around since the Dutch colonial period. In 1696, the Dutch first brought Arabica coffee seeds to be planted on the island of Java. Then, how is the current development of Indonesia Specialty Coffee Company?

Indonesia Specialty Coffee Company

  • Growing Rapidly

The third-wave trend is currently influencing the rapid development of the Indonesian coffee industry the World. The third wave, or third wave coffee, was when people began to think of coffee as an artisan drink, so its quality and origin were very concerning. Over time, people’s awareness of drinking and appreciation of coffee is increasingly visible. It is marked by the proliferation of coffee shops that are never empty of visitors and an increase in coffee production per year by 1-2 percent.

  • One of the biggest Coffee Producers in the World

Indonesia is one of the largest coffee-producing countries in the World after Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia. Coffee is Indonesia’s leading export commodity, the fourth largest foreign exchange earner after palm oil, rubber, and cocoa, with a foreign exchange value of more than US$1.4 billion and absorbing more than 1.89 million households.


This Indonesia Specialty Coffee Company has the Largest Private Coffee Plantation. Founded in 1999, PT. ALGRO owns a 75-ha coffee processing plant in Takengon, Aceh Gayo, Sumatra. Initially, the company was based in Medan and sold coffee and exports on a small scale. Currently, the company is growing and selling coffee beans to local and international markets. This Indonesia Coffee Company has exported coffee internationally to more than 33 countries and has more than 17,811 buyers from all over the World.

Not only prioritizing profit, PT. ALGRO, which operates upstream to downstream in the coffee industry, also cares about sustainability and nature preservation. Such as replanting, tree rejuvenation, and sustainable agricultural practices while maintaining the best quality coffee. The company also has good relations with the surrounding community and involves them in this industry.

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