Established in 2007, ALGRO is an experienced trading company from Indonesia. and today we have wide coverage of distribution network with more than 20 main goal exporting countries.

Core value
ALGRO as a supplier of finest Indonesia Arabica and Robusta green coffee bean with 15 years experiences and keep maintaining the quality by supervising fermentation, stink, and chemical ingredients as clinic test result from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Certificate from Department of Health and Human Services of United States.
Supported by few hundred labors, and representative operatioin office in any area, makes Algro achieve the efficiency, increase continuous profits, become more competitive and do continuous improvement.

Through this Investor Relations offering, we would like to invite new Investor who have good knowledge, networking, experience, and also capital to grow with us to develop successful future business based on commitment responsibility and mutual-cooperation.

As a global supplier green beans, we are well placed to help small holder farmers address the challenges they face, and make their production more sustainable and profitable.

Our sustainable green bean sourcing takes a special approach with three complimentari pillars:

  • Boosting production of Certified and Verified green beans.
  • Supporting farmers on the ground.
  • Spreading sustainable pracices throughout the coffee value chain, without excluding any farmer.

We invest in the development and resillience of local communities living close to our operations in Indonesia, encouraging our employees to support and volunteer in their communities.

To minimize the environmental impact of our activities, we cintinually monitor our field operation to identify gaps, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement along the value chain.

Our position as a processor presents both a responsibility and an opportunity when it comes to climate change. We do training farmers in sustainable techniques that contribute to the conversation of natural habitats, and promoting sustainable practices throughout our commonodity supply chains.