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Fruits, Coffee and Honey directly from our farmers commited to regenerative agriculture

Trusted Supplier of the Finest Indonesia Fruits, Honey and Specialty Coffee.

92 ha Mangosteen, Longan, Durian plantation in Cisarua, West Java and 75 ha coffee processing plant site in Takengon, Aceh Gayo, Sumatera, Indonesia.

About Us
We are a fruits, honey, and green coffee company connecting global buyers and roasters with specialty sourced through sustainable producer relationships with a purpose to fulfill commodity global demand and supply chain. In the last 15 years, Algro engages in agriculture business specializing in mangosteen plantation and is located in Cisarua, Bogor, West Java. The plantation is the largest privately owned mangosteen plantation with a total area of 92 Ha, 22,000 mangosteen and 17,000 longan trees.
ALGRO Milestone
Now, we do upstream and downstream in coffee industry, diversifying our business across the whole value chain of coffee industry, from from plantation to processing and from export trading to retail and from coffee machines to coffee shops. Here we are really pushing forward to excel as Indonesia’s finest coffee source.
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ALGRO, coffee journey with its commitment to people

Transforming the agriculture value chain by contributing to the global effort to ensure the sustainable and traceable product journey.

Core value
This is our purpose, We believe our scale and reach, combined with our mindset, sets us up to be agents of change. We can source, grow and manufacture ingredients that are good for farmers’ livelihoods, for consumers’ health and well-being, and for the world around us. Discover how we approach these and many more issues, and how we can help you create real impact on our website.

Why Choose Our Product

Fresh fruits are nature's dessert, offering a wide range of sweet and tart flavors. They are not just a source of natural sugars but also a visual and sensory experience, with vibrant colors and varied textures. From juicy berries to crisp apples, each fruit carries its own story and nutritional profile.

Fruits such as Durian, Mangosteen, and Longan are more than just tasty; they're packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They support a healthy immune system, aid in weight management, and can reduce the risk of many diseases. Plus, they're incredibly versatile in cooking, from breakfasts to desserts.

Consuming fresh,seasonal,locally grown and highly nutritious,certified organic produce is one of the key steps you can take to ensure a good foundation of health for you and your family.When making your choice,remember that local produce from our farm is fresh and tasty.

Freshness Prioritized

At Algro, our fruits are handpicked at peak ripeness, ensuring maximum flavor and nutritional value. Our fresh fruits provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Our team of experienced professionals works tirelessly to ensure that our Indo produce meets our rigorous standards, from when it is harvested to when it is prepared in our packing house, and finally,  when it arrives at your doorstep.

With Algro, you can trust that you are receiving the freshest and highest-quality produce available. Experience the difference today, and taste the difference that freshness makes.

Throughness Assured QUALITY PROCESS

Product Selection
Algro offers a diverse selection of fruits, coffee and honey. With a lot of varieties available, you will always find what you are looking for.
Premium Quality
Our commitment to quality enables us to adhere to strict standards and certifications to ensure our products meet the highest levels of excellence. We carefully choose the finest fruits, coffee and honey to ensure quality and freshness for our customers.
Sustainable Farming
We promote and utilize eco-friendly practices to cultivate our produce, ensuring environmental responsibility and sustainable product excellence.
Quality Packaging
We implement advanced packaging techniques at our packing house to maintain the freshness of our produce during transportation to our global client.
Reliable Distribution
With 15 years of experience in the industry, Algro has built a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. Our efficient network of distributors ensures the timely delivery of fresh Indo produce to businesses worldwide.